The Curious Case of Mr. OSINT- A Digital Intrusion Tale
@ Animesh Roy | Monday, Mar 11, 2024 | 2 minutes read | Update at Monday, Mar 11, 2024

Date: March 11, 2024

This morning, I was greeted by an unexpected surprise when I checked my public calendar – two mysterious “Meetings” had appeared out of nowhere. Naturally, alarm bells started ringing. How had someone managed to infiltrate my calendar and insert these meetings? More importantly, how had they acquired my information to do so?

The Infamous Breach

The answer, as it turned out, wasn’t as complex or sophisticated as I initially feared. In fact, it was a stark reminder of the importance of security awareness in the digital age.


But wait, there was another one. Another “Meeting” that didn’t belong. My eyes widened. How could I be hacked and doxxed using information I willingly made public? The irony stung.


Enter Mr OSINT expert. He didn’t unearth my secret emails or infiltrate my encrypted vault. No, he did something anyone could do. Curious? Brace yourself. He visited my LinkedIn profile. Harmless, right? There, innocuously nestled among my professional achievements, was a seemingly benign link. Click it, and it leads to my website:

Goto my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see a link to click :


And what awaited unsuspecting visitors? An option to schedule a meeting with me—for free! Yes, you read that right. Free consultations. But alas, the scammers caught wind.


Now, the portal is closed, replaced by a paywall. A dollar for each spam, a sip of ginger tea for my troubles.


This is what I booking portal looked like in the morning


So, dear reader, let this be a lesson: Even in our digital age, vulnerability lies not in the shadows but in plain sight. And sometimes, it takes a cup of tea to fortify our defences.

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