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πŸ•΅οΈ OSINT Tools for gathering information and actions forensic πŸ•΅οΈ

πŸ•΅οΈ Collection of 4000+ OSINT resources


SpiderFoot automates OSINT for threat intelligence and mapping your attack surface.



Hayabusa is a sigma-based threat hunting and fast forensics timeline generator for Windows event logs written in Rust. : https://github.com/Yamato-Security/hayabusa

Awesome forensics

A curated list of awesome forensic analysis tools and resources. : https://github.com/patronuscode/awesome-forensics


MVT (Mobile Verification Toolkit) helps with conducting forensics of mobile devices in order to find signs of a potential compromise.: https://github.com/mvt-project/mvt

FireFox Security Researcher

Configure FireFox with Security and Intelligance features for OSINT and Security Investigations. https://github.com/simeononsecurity/FireFox-Security-Researcher

Iris Web

Collaborative Incident Response platform. : https://github.com/dfir-iris/iris-web

Offensive OSINT Blog


Judge Jury and Executable

A file system forensics analysis scanner and threat hunting tool. Scans file systems at the MFT and OS level and stores data in SQL, SQLite or CSV. Threats and data can be probed harnessing the power and syntax of SQL. : https://github.com/AdamWhiteHat/Judge-Jury-and-Executable

Forensics Tools

A list of free and open forensics analysis tools and other resources. : https://github.com/mesquidar/ForensicsTools


OSINT tool for finding Github repositories by extracting commit logs in real time from the Github event API. : https://github.com/x1sec/commit-stream


Quidam allows you to retrieve information thanks to the forgotten password function of some sites.: https://github.com/megadose/Quidam

Quidam maltego transform



OnionSearch is a script that scrapes urls on different .onion search engines. : https://github.com/megadose/OnionSearch

Linux explorer

Easy-to-use live forensics toolbox for Linux endpoints. : https://github.com/intezer/linux-explorer


DaProfiler allows you to get emails, social medias, adresses, works and more on your target using web scraping and google dorking techniques, based in France Only. The particularity of this program is its ability to find your target’s e-mail adresses.: https://github.com/daprofiler/DaProfiler

Collection OSINT resources and tools

So what is this all about? Yep, its an OSINT blog and a collection of OSINT resources and tools.: https://github.com/OhShINT/ohshint.gitbook.io

A repository with information related to differnet resources, tools and techniques related with Cloud OSINT. : https://github.com/7WaySecurity/cloud_osint

Forensics Toolkit for image ,audio,network and disk image analyis.

Major tools used for Digital Forensic Investigation, includes tools used for Image, Audio, Memory, Network and Disk Image data analysis. Helpful resource for CTF Challenges. : https://github.com/karthik997/Forensic_Toolkit

Rapid7 OSINT

All the tools you need to make your own mind up from the Open Data Sets.: https://github.com/tg12/rapid7_OSINT


A tool for OSINT based threat hunting. : https://github.com/ninoseki/mihari


Tracee: Runtime Security and Forensics using eBPF. : https://github.com/aquasecurity/tracee

Tlosint live

Trace Labs OSINT Linux Distribution based on Kali.: https://github.com/tracelabs/tlosint-live


OSINT Swiss Army Knife https://github.com/Nhoya/gOSINT

Karma v2

KπšŠπš›πš–πšŠ 𝚟𝟸 is a Passive Open Source Intelligence. : (OSINT) Automated Reconnaissance (framework) https://github.com/Dheerajmadhukar/karma_v2

Secure ELF

Secure ELF parsing/loading library for forensics reconstruction of malware, and robust reverse engineering tools. : https://github.com/elfmaster/libelfmaster


Toutatis is a tool that allows you to extract information from instagrams accounts such as e-mails, phone numbers and more. : https://github.com/megadose/toutatis


Octosuite :– Advanced Github OSINT Framework. : https://github.com/rly0nheart/octosuite

Should i trust

OSINT tool to evaluate the trustworthiness of a company. : https://github.com/ericalexanderorg/should-i-trust


Google Chrome forensic tool to process, analyze and visualize browsing artifacts. : https://github.com/ChmaraX/forensix


A free, open source, cross platform Intelligence gathering tool. : https://github.com/3nock/sub3suite

Live Forensicator

Powershell Script to aid Incidence Response and Live Forensics: https://github.com/Johnng007/Live-Forensicator


OSINT tool that allows you to find a person’s accounts and emails + breached emails: https://github.com/Greyjedix/Profil3r


Infoooze is an Open-source intelligence (OSINT) tool in NodeJs. It provides various modules that allow efficient searches. : https://github.com/7ORP3DO/infoooze


Oblivion is a tool focused in real time monitoring of new data leaks, notifying if the credentials of the user has been leak out. It’s possible too verify if any credential of user has been leak out before. : https://github.com/loseys/Oblivion/tree/0f5619ecba6a9b1ebc6dc6f4988ef6c542bf8ca3


πŸ” A Complete Osint Tool : https://github.com/Lucksi/Mr.Holmes


A tool to search Aviation-related intelligence from public sources. : https://github.com/n0skill/AVOSINT


PoC OSINT Discord user and guild information harvester : https://github.com/V3ntus/darvester

Ghost Recon

An OSINT framework updated weekly, wich with you can search on precise targets, with a lot of features like person search, criminal search, or social media scanning with eamail/phone, and ip changer. : https://github.com/DR34M-M4K3R/GhostRecon


Collector is a tool for osint (open source intelligence). : https://github.com/galihap76/collector


Automate downloading archived deleted ets.: https://github.com/Mennaruuk/twayback


Detection of phishing domains and domain squatting. Supports permutations such as homograph attack, typosquatting and bitsquatting. : https://github.com/atenreiro/opensquat

Telegram Trilateration

Proof of concept for abusing Telegram’s “People Near Me” feature and tracking people’s location: https://github.com/jkctech/Telegram-Trilateration

Telegram Nearby Map

Discover the location of nearby Telegram users πŸ“‘πŸŒ : https://github.com/tejado/telegram-nearby-map

Holehe allows you to check if the mail is used on different sites like twitter, instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function. https://github.com/megadose/holehe

Holehe Maltego Transform



OSINT Tool on Twitter and Instagram. : https://github.com/xadhrit/terra


ProtOSINT is a Python script that helps you investigate Protonmail accounts and ProtonVPN IP addresses https://github.com/pixelbubble/ProtOSINT


A toolkit for the post-mortem examination of Docker containers from forensic HDD copies https://github.com/docker-forensics-toolkit/toolkit

iOS Frequent Locations Dumper

Dump the iOS Frequent Location binary plist files https://github.com/mac4n6/iOS-Frequent-Locations-Dumper


Whapa is a set of graphical forensic tools to analyze whatsapp from Android and soon iOS devices. All the tools have been written in Python 3.8 and have been tested on linux, windows and macOS systems. https://github.com/B16f00t/whapa


Tracking the trackers. Draw connections between scripts and domains on website. https://github.com/woj-ciech/kupa3

Abuse Insight

To extract the usernames attempted by a compromised host. This information is obtained from Abuse IP DB, reports’ comments. : https://github.com/west-wind/abuse-insights


Advanced Github OSINT Framework : https://github.com/rly0nheart/octosuite

Kamerka Gui

Ultimate Internet of Things/Industrial Control Systems reconnaissance tool. https://github.com/woj-ciech/Kamerka-GUI

Social Path

Track users across social media platform https://github.com/woj-ciech/SocialPath

Osint stuff tool collection

A collection of several hundred online tools for OSINT https://github.com/cipher387/osint_stuff_tool_collection


Real-time HTTP Intrusion Detection. : https://github.com/kitabisa/teler


A Search Tool created to explore the FBI’s nj arrest file. Created For Hack Jersey 2.0 https://github.com/CarlaAstudillo/ArreStats


This virtual machine image is intended for open source offensive reconnaissance. The iso image of the kali linux NetInstall operating system is taken as a basis. Other required packages were installed manually. The image includes the following packages.: https://github.com/delikely/OSINT-JUMP


Infoga - Collection of information by e-mail https://github.com/m4ll0k/Infoga

Crime data explorer

Chief report of the FBI crime data explorer project https://github.com/18F/crime-data-explorer


Pdfmted (PDF Metadata Editor) is a set of tools designed to simplify work with pdf metadata on Linux. The utilities hosted in this repository are graphic interfaces for the wonderful exiftool of Phil Harvey. https://github.com/glutanimate/PDFMtEd

Audio metadata

Extract Metadata from several audio containers https://github.com/tmont/audio-metadata


Information gathering tool - OSINT https://github.com/twelvesec/gasmask

Check ifemail exists

Check if there is an e-mail address without sending any email. Use Telnet. https://github.com/amaurymartiny/check-if-email-exists

App Metadata

Provides Metadata extraction for IOS, Android and windows packages. https://github.com/Microsoft/app-metadata


An Open-Source Mobile Forensic Research Tool for android platform https://github.com/scorelab/ANDROPHSY


RdpCacheStitcher is a tool that supports forensic analysts in reconstructing useful images out of RDP cache bitmaps. - https://github.com/BSI-Bund/RdpCacheStitcher


Androidqf (Android Quick Forensics) helps quickly gathering forensic evidence from Android devices, in order to identify potential traces of compromise. - https://github.com/botherder/androidqf


IPED is an open source software that can be used to process and analyze digital evidence, often seized at crime scenes by law enforcement or in a corporate investigation by private examiners. - https://github.com/sepinf-inc/IPED


Automation and automation of digital forensic tools https://github.com/google/turbinia

Chrome Extractor

Script that will extract all the passwords stored from your Google Chrome Database and will keep them in Chrome. Txt txt txt txt txt txt txt txt txt https://github.com/D4Vinci/Chrome-Extractor

Firefox Decrypt

Firefox decrypt is a tool to extract passwords from Mozilla Profiles (Firefox / Thunderbird / Seabird) https://github.com/unode/firefox_decrypt

Ip Geolocation

Recover information from ip geolocation https://github.com/maldevel/IPGeoLocation


Cameradar hacks its way into RTSP videosurveillance cameras https://github.com/Ullaakut/cameradar

Power Forensic

Powerforensics is a framework for forensic analysis of live records https://github.com/Invoke-IR/PowerForensics

Face Recognition

The World’s simplest facial recognition api for python and the command line https://github.com/ageitgey/face_recognition

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