Thm Room Web Fundamentals
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Web Fundamentals

Task 01: Introduction and objectives

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Task 02: How do we load websites?

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1What request verb is used to retrieve page content?GET
2What port do web servers normally listen on?80
3What’s responsible for making websites look fancy?CSS

Task 03: More HTTP - Verbs and request formats

HTTP response status codes

HTTP response status codes indicate whether a specific HTTP request has been successfully completed. Responses are grouped in five classes:

  • Informational responses (100–199)
  • Successful responses (200–299)
  • Redirects (300–399)
  • Client errors (400–499)
  • Server errors (500–599)

source: Mozilla

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Flag IDQuestionsAns
1What verb would be used for a login?POST
2What verb would be used to see your bank balance once you’re logged in?GET
3Does the body of a GET request matter? Yea/NayNAY
4What’s the status code for “I’m a teapot”?418
5What status code will you get if you need to authenticate to access some content, and you’re unauthenticated?401

Task04: Cookies, tasty!

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Task 05: Mini CTF

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1What’s the GET flag?
2What’s the POST flag?
3What’s the “Get a cookie” flag?
4What’s the “Set a cookie” flag?

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