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@ Animesh Roy | Monday, Oct 2, 2023 | 2 minutes read | Update at Saturday, May 11, 2024


All the sites listed have been verified by DarkNetEye as legitimate operations. Beware of unverified links, as they may lead to scams. DarkNetEye, a trusted darknet news and link portal, is utilized by thousands daily for safe darknet access. Below are some of the most popular darknet markets and services currently listed on our platform.

Top Darknet Markets:

  1. [Post Removed]

    After receiving feedback, it appeared spammy. Additionally, there have been two blog posts addressing their suspicious activities:

Today (May 11, 2024), I received similar feedback on Twitter from user @riendut0uttt:

Twitter Feedback

Link to tweet

Based on this feedback, I revisited the links and discovered that some of them are indeed malicious, according to various online sources. Therefore, this post will remain closed until I implement a more robust method for automating and validating dark links.

For further insights, Twitter user @ZachXBT has provided a detailed review:

Despite @ZachXBT potentially lacking proficiency in OSINT and being influenced by his prior work and perceptions of Indian scammers, I can empathize with his perspective. However, it’s worth noting that despite their “hard work,” they overlooked my readily available contact information, including my socials: LinkedIn & Twitter. Had they attempted to reach out to me, I might have clarified the situation earlier. Furthermore, it’s crucial to emphasize that the information he posted about me is entirely false.

I want to clarify once more that all links were gathered from multiple sources at the time of posting, and not all were validated. Moving forward, I am committed to improving the validation process for dark links.

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